About J-DAC Japan Digital Archives Center

◆ About J-DAC Japan Digital Archives Center

J-DAC (Japan Digital Archives Center) is an online platform developed and operated by MARUZEN-YUSHODO providing rare historical materials in the humanities and social sciences.

J-DAC promotes preservation by digitally archiving and distributing valuable materials that have been carefully preserved at universities, libraries, and other institutions throughout Japan.

♦ Digital archiving according to material features:

Content, form, and use of materials vary depending on the research field. J-DAC determines search items and creates metadata based on opinions and request from specialized researchers. J-DAC also prepares supplemental materials such as commentaries, reference materials, and material lists.

♦ Use of Cookies

J-DAC uses cookies for the purpose of analyzing the number of visits and provide more suitable services.

J-DAC collects the following data and sends it to the access analysis tool “Google Analytics”.

・ Identifiers recorded in devices such as cookies.

・ IP addresses (to estimate location, line type, and access source company or organization).

・ The URL of the site you viewed or the screen name of the application.

・ The name of the site or application viewed.

・ URL of the site viewed right before visiting J-DAC.

・ Date and time of visit (to calculate time spent on the site, etc.).

・ Type and version of web browser and device.

・ Information on the browsing environment such as screen size of the device.