Japan Digital Archives Center, or J-DAC, is a joint enterprise between MARUZEN-YUSHODO Company, Limited, Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. Inspired by the insatiable curiosity of humanity that drives its everlasting pursuit for knowledge, the mission of J-DAC is to provide a multidisciplinary archival platform for researchers in the humanities and social sciences through the collection and consolidation of various cultural and historical records of Japan.

Political History of Japan

A first-rate collection of historical resources focusing on the turbulent Showa years from pre-WWII to the 1960s and containing around 6000 pieces of primary material.

A first-rate resource on Japanese political and diplomatic history of the 1970s left by Masayoshi Ohira (1910-1980), 68th and 69th Prime Minister of Japan.

Primary documents from the highest level of government of the Sato Administration.This includes a number of documents classified Top Secret or higher.

Forty years of Japan Research Institute for Local Government (Chiho Jichi Sogo Kenkyusho/ ”Jichisoken” ) activity, now accessible in a single location.

Economic & Business History of Japan

A digital collection of annual reports and prospectus produced between early Meiji and late Showa(1877-1990).

An enormous collection consisting of primary documents of industrial policy from prewar period.

The most exhaustive statistical resources on the history of Japan between Meiji and Post-War showa(1873-1972).

The online database contributes the study of sport and physical education, economics, management and business studies, law, sociology, engineering, education and medicine enables searches of around 900 issues of the journal and 100,000 headings.

Japanese Literature

An online database for literary magazine Mita Bungaku from 1910 to 1944. Indexed of articles and advertisements.

Includes manuscripts and first publications by Dazai(1909-1948) along with personal diaries and notebooks from his school days.

Rare Books and Old Materials

A greatest collection published during the Song and Yüan dynasties in China.

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